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Green Motorsport Team Green MotorSport Completes WAVE 2013
Posted by on 2013-07-22 10:23:54
contributed by gfoat

Team 20, Gordon Foat of Green MotorSport and his co-driver, Leora Rosner of the Growing Air Foundation have just returned after successfully completing the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition, WAVE 2013. Driving the new electric Peugeot ION they collected first prize for Best Car Decoration and were awarded 3rd for most efficient drive. Overall, out of 40 teams Team 20 made a desirable 7th place.

The car hosts a 16 KWh Lithium- Ion battery (220 V). The charging time using 16A of a conventional wall socket is 6 hours. The car also comes equipped with rapid charge port, which enables the car to be fast charged in less than 20 mins to 85%. The total kerb weight is 1195 kg. The maximum power of the synchronous motor is 49 kW delivering a maximum torque of 180 Nm EU standard. Gordon and Leora visited many European cities en route, completing a total recorded distance over 2600 km powered only by electricity generated from renewable sources. The Moss Solar Trust supplied solar energy, and over 600 kW hours of energy were isolated for the journey making their efforts carbon zero. Renewable energy is a great solution for our future: its clean, it creates jobs and makes us energy independent. The car was sponsored by TripleO and the trip was supported by a number of invited sponsors.

Forty teams from all over the world drove from Vienna to Zürich, powered by renewable energy. On July 5th 2013 participants in WAVE entered the world record attempt for the largest electric car parade ever! Everyone was invited to come to Switzerland’s most popular party in Zürich, which took place under the supervision of the Guinness Book of World Records. After the electric car parade, hundreds of E-Bikes joined the electric cars in a two day ‘Tour of open doors’. This was a 250 km loop around the city of Zürich, in which they visited the cities and the companies which have achieved the “European Energy Award” and are all dedicated to the implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Everyone was invited to join WAVE 2013 with an electric car or e-bike and to be part of an extraordinary mission and adventure. The “Tour of open doors” was a fusion between E-bike WAVE” which took place for the first time in June 2012 between Berlin and Hannover, and the “E-car WAVE” which takes place annually.

Each car was recharged by renewable energy en route. Some areas have not yet installed electric vehicle recharging points, so electricity drawn from the grid charged Gordon’s 16 kWh battery and was replaced by the solar energy previously isolated. A main objective of WAVE is to ensure that there is a comprehensive electric vehicle charging infrastructure available across Europe. Over the next few years this will enable drivers to travel freely around Europe, using energy from the sun, wind, wave or biofuels from waste.

WAVE 2013 came at a very interesting time when most car manufactures are working hard to develop electric systems for the future and Pan European Standards for recharging are being discussed to make a step towards a broad introduction of electric vehicles in Europe.

For over 12 years, Gordon has been developing advanced drive trains for electric vehicles. His company, Green MotorSport Limited, has demonstrated this technology to millions of people at public events and through the media. He has now proved that electric cars have what it takes to meet every day transport needs. Gordon believes that by using the right materials and clever production techniques, it is within reach to enable thousands of people to start to use electric vehicles now as the technology is perfected. Gordon is focussing upon improving manufacturing techniques, using highly energy efficient manufacturing processes while reducing the carbon footprint of the operation using recycled materials. He said “The key is in looking at the design. It needs to be simple to put together and we need to reduce the costs on the manufacturing line, so eventually we end up with a product that everyone can afford. What I want to create is the ‘true people’s car’.”

"The experiences in the WAVE will motivate us to work even harder towards helping others become more sustainable and knowledgeable about what we must do in the UK and Europe to help future generations avoid the effects of pollution and climate change. It's so important that we face the facts and develop technologies that don't undermine our future. We have clear scientific data now, there's no guessing anymore about how humanity is affecting the environment.

Co-Pilot and lead Blog master of the Team 20, Leora Rosner said “The WAVE was an awesome experience as so many people came together who are all on the same page for the environment. Some may have won prizes for particular categories but we have all won the greatest prize and that is the community of strength we have gained to persevere in our fight against climate change, a fight we can win through the combination of sustainable energy, sustainable transportation and the re-planting of our rain forests. The name we have given this combination is the ‘Double- Edged Sword Against Climate Change’ and we look forward to you joining us in wielding it! More information can be found at

More information about our trip and our sponsors can be found at



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