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Posted by gfoat on Jun 18, 2014 - 01:08 PM

This year Team GMS had two entries in WAVE 2014. The WAVE consists of 4 different WAVE-events, and each WAVE-event will have one winner of the prestigieous WAVE TROPHY. All together there were 80 participating teams from all over the world. The WAVE aims to show that electric mobility powered by renewable energies is available and a great solution for our future mobility. WAVE is the world's leading and largest electric vehicle rally. Green MotorSports first entry was a prototype lightweight pure electric utility vehicle powered ( Number 3 ) by our revolutionary 2014 Cost effective liquid-cooled electric motor and the second WAVE entry was a iMiEV production car made by Mitsubishi. (Number 37) see Green MotorSport news [1] for more info.

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